Lecture 7 - Lecture 7 Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Any molecule or...

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Lecture 7 – Chapter 5 Chapter 5 - Any molecule or pathogen capable of eliciting an immune response is called an antigen. An antigen may be a virus, a bacterial cell wall, or an individual protein or other macromolecule. A complex antigen may be bound by several different antibodies. An individual antibody or T-cell receptor binds only a particular molecular structure within the antigen, called its antigenic determinant, or epitope. Each recognition protein of the immune system, either a T-cell receptor or an antibody produced by a B cell, specifically binds some particular chemical structure, distinguishing it from virtually all others. Humans are capable of producing more than 10 8 different antibodies with distinct binding specificities. Given this extraordinary diversity, any chemical structure on the surface of a virus or invading cell will most likely by recognized and bound by one or more antibodies. Antibody diversity is derived from random reassembly of a set of immunoglobulin gene segments through genetic recombination mechanisms. - Immunity is brought about by a variety of leukocytes (white blood cells), including macrophages and lymphocytes, all of which develop from undifferentiated stem cells in the bone marrow. antibodies or immunoglobulins (Ig) – bind bacteria, viruses, or large molecules identified as foreign & target them for destruction – making up 20% of blood protein, the immunoglobulins are produced by B lymphocytes, or B cells, so named because they complete their development in the bone marrow. T lymphocytes, or T cells - known as cytotoxic T cells – recognition of infected cells or parasites involves proteins called T-
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Lecture 7 - Lecture 7 Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Any molecule or...

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