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Dr. Micu - MK205 Exam II Review Sheet This exam will feature BOTH multiple-choice (worth 80 points) and short-answer questions (worth 20 points) for a total of 100 points. The exam will include material from lecture and the following chapters: Chapter 4 – How advertising works The communication model (pages 99-100) Advertising as communication (pages 100-101) The effects behind advertising effectiveness (pages 102-118) Chapter 5 – The consumer audience How does consumer behavior work? (pages 126-127) Cultural and social influences on consumer decisions (pages 127-135) Psychological influences that motivate consumers (pages 135-143)
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Unformatted text preview: Behavioral influences on consumer decisions (pages 144-145) The consumer decision process (pages 145-147) Segmenting and Targeting (pages 147-150) Chapter 6 Strategic research Research: the quest for intelligence and insight (pages 157-162) The uses of research (pages 162-165) Research methods used in advertising planning (pages 165-172) (know about: survey, interview, focus group, observation, ethnography and diaries) Chapter 7 Strategic planning Strategic planning (pages 181-184) Basic strategic planning decisions (pages 185-194) Account planning (pages 194-199)...
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