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Persuaders people are immune - sophisticated lifestyle...

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Persuaders people are immune, advertising marketers are sometimes artists who try to be to artsy, people pay for the code from the famous French guy. Status – long island wasp certain looks , white bread how you look where your from how you act. Motivation and values – showing an advertisement of a models body and an exercise equipment to buy to achieve this. Needs to achieve happiness, charmin campaign to find customers toilets, axe sponsoring a bar, Personality and lifestyles – example of united airlines work vs play products are associated with different types of words. Like feminine is dolls baking goods, silk, people who follow the crowd or who go against it. Brand personality and loyalty goes with age, some brands are rough and some are sharp and
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Unformatted text preview: sophisticated, lifestyle targeting Decision making – problem , search information , evaluate, product buy, outcome. You can change products categories or even make products feel that you need them. Buying and disposing – selling portable soup that you can throw away to save time, don’t go somewhere else just shop online at any time. Packaging is a big deal and can persuade a person into a certain image or show that the promotions are working product disposal goes as far as what the product is for and the intended life time frame. Household decision making – men vs woman male vs female. Family vs business, not always the targeted customer is the buyer....
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