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Jared Hall Fashion Marketing Prof. Bloom October 5, 2010 Men’s Wearhouse Company Summary: Men’s Wearhouse is a men’s dress apparel retailer in the United States. They sell suits, ties and dress clothes for all occasions. They are operated behind George Zimmer since 1973. He is still with the company and is the man behind the success of the retailer. They are a fortune 500 company, and have locations throughout North America. The Target market they reaching would be successful or going to be successful middle class male from college. They offer men a comfortable environment in which to buy high quality suits, dress slacks, sport jackets, and sweaters at 20 to 30 percent below department store prices. To attract male shoppers The stores were located in upscale strip shopping centers nearby customers' homes and workplaces, eliminating the need to hike through large malls. Company Background: George Zimmer who was born in New York the founder of Men’s Wearhouse was introduced to the clothing business when traveling to Hong Kong to work for his father, who owned a coat manufacturing business. The first Men's Wearhouse store opened in 1973 with his college roommates in Houston, TX. They sold mostly polyester sport coats from his father's company. George was unable to afford a cash register, so he used to use a cigar box to store his money. In the 1980s they began to expand outside of Texas and into the California area. In 1986 George filmed the famous “I guarantee it” this commercial has his slogan “your going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.”. After the company captured the west coast it went public in 1992 and also introduced their line of dress shoes. In the late 1990s Men’s’ Wearhouse moved to the east coast and also started experimenting with tuxedo rentals. In the year 2000 the website menswearhouse.com, and from then they introduced their rewards program the Perfect Fit.
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Corporate Culture: George Zimmer in an interview said that the way he would describe the corporate culture of the company could be summarized in one word “trust.” He states that with this trust and treating employees equal as they want the employees to treat the company has helped him deal with inside stealing, and employee disloyalty. George grew up in the 1960s and has the attitude that everyone should be treated with respect gave the Men’s Wearhouse a title in the Fortune top 100 Company’s to work for list. Zimmer told the Daily News Record in 1996, "Men don't really like taking their pants off in places larger
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Jared_Hall22 - Jared Hall Fashion Marketing Prof Bloom...

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