project - Software Testing, Quality Assurance &...

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Unformatted text preview: Software Testing, Quality Assurance & Maintenance (ECE453/CS447/SE465): Project Patrick Lam Due: April 3, 2009 The course project is a chance to put into practice some of the concepts you have seen in class. The project has three main parts: a test plan, unit tests, and system/integration tests. You will test the free software project SweetHome3D , which allows users to visualize furniture in their homes and optimize furniture placement. The homepage for SweetHome3D is at Use version 1.6 for your testing. 1 Test Plan (10%) Remember that test plans are only useful for organizing testing. To prevent you from going overboard in writing the test plan, I’ve chosen to give it a relatively low weight, and you should submit not more than than 10 pages. Imagine that your manager has assigned you the task of testing Sweet- Home3D. Write an initial test plan and refine it, using your intuition to decide where to refine the test plan. Estimate the team size and amount of timewhere to refine the test plan....
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project - Software Testing, Quality Assurance &...

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