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english paragraph unsafe cars

english paragraph unsafe cars - wheel” ”sharp-edged...

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The Safe Car You Can’t Buy The purpose of Ralph Nader’s “The Safe Car You Can’t Buy” is to instruct and inform the general public of the false safeties that current cars seemingly provide. In fact, as the author implies, most cars (if not all) are actually quite unsafe altogether. The apparently harmless instruments and parts of a car are, stunningly, more dangerous to the driver and passengers of the car than one may first believe. In this sense, the author conveys a message intended to instill panic in the reader, and is a cause of alarm for the reader because of the immediate threat that is associated with modern cars. Details in the passage include “doors that fly open on impact”, “inadequately secured seats”, “the sharp-edged rearview mirror”, “pointed knobs on instrument panel doors”, and “flying glass”; other details include “collapsed steering
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Unformatted text preview: wheel”, ”sharp-edged dashboard”, “bone-and-chest crushing agent”, and “flying seat cushion”. The “bone-and-chest crushing agent” makes the reader think twice before getting into a modern car. “Flying glass” isn’t too appealing either. The single most vivid detail that stands out is “…Glove compartment door…guillotine a child”. The author’s decision to embed details concerning the possible death sequence of a child is brilliant because it grabs the reader’s attention efficiently. The final sentence is also very rhetoric in that it persuades the reader to seriously consider the risks and faults of modern cars’ designs. The initially harmless objects of a car transform into potentially lethal weapons in the wake of an accident....
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