Controversial Issues

Controversial Issues - Drinking alcohol is said to be a sin because alcohol no matter how little of an amount impairs judgment and ‘befogs’ the

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Controversial Issues 1. Divorce: Is the break-up of a marriage. Most Muslims think that divorce is wrong and is not allowed; the one exception is if a spouse cheats on his/her partner – this constitutes an action as severe as divorce. The procedure of divorce in Islam is such as to encourage reconciliation where possible. 2. Drugs: Drugs in Islam are strictly forbidden and are not allowed by the Qur’an. An especially taboo substance is alcohol, which is explicitly stated in the Qur’an to be an evil substance.
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Unformatted text preview: Drinking alcohol is said to be a sin because alcohol, no matter how little of an amount, impairs judgment and ‘befogs’ the mind. 3. Capital Punishment: Muslims believe that capital punishment is needed to discipline those that go way out of line and commit “haram”, or wrongful acts. Forgiveness and peace are preferable, but the following can call for the death penalty: Treason, apostasy (leaving the religion and turning against it), terrorism, piracy, rape, adultery, and homosexual activity....
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