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BIOL0131_L9 handout_2009 - What is cholera ? Basic Medical...

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1 Basic Medical Microbiology Lecture 9 Cholera What is cholera ? • Cholera –Sometimes called Asiatic Cholera or Epidemic Cholera –Is an infectious gastroenteritis caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae –Transmitted to humans via contaminated water or food Vibrio cholerae is a gram negative proteobacterium that produces an endotoxin – This acts on the mucosal epithelium of the small intestine – Produces massive diarrhea • In its most severe form cholera is the most rapidly fatal disease known – A patient may develop severe hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure) 1hr after symptoms Frst appear – Death can occur within 3hr
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2 A French cartoon depicting cholera as the angel of death • In the most common scenario: –Liquid stools appear –Shock and hypotension after 4-12hr –Death after 18hr to several days if no rehydration treatment given • Reports refer to severe shrinking and wrinkling in late stages of the disease (due to dehydration) Cholera pandemics • 1816-1826 - 1st pandemic – Originated in Bengal then spread through India and China, reaching the Caspian Sea before receding • 1829-1851 - 2nd pandemic – Reached Europe, spread to Russia and north America • 1852-1860 - 3rd pandemic – Mainly in Russia, over 100,000 deaths • 1836-1875 - 4th pandemic – Mainly in Europe and Africa • 1881-1896 - 5th pandemic – Mainly in Hamburg (Germany), was the last
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BIOL0131_L9 handout_2009 - What is cholera ? Basic Medical...

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