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Assignment 6 questions - 07/08 THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG...

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THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG 07/08 DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS AND ACTUARIAL SCIENCE STAT0301 Elementary Statistical Methods Assignment 6 (Do ALL. Problems for self-practice. No need to hand in.) 1. A sample of 123 students is classified with respect to appearance and with respect to academic performance. Three categories of appearance: attractive, ordinary and unattractive, and four categories of academic performance: high, fair, low, and poor, are used. If the experimental results are as follows, test the hypothesis that there is no relationship between the two characteristics against the general alternative. H F L P Total A 5 10 11 14 40 O 14 16 16 12 58 U 10 7 4 4 25 Total 29 33 31 30 123 2. In a random sample of 150 registered voters with low incomes 105 are for a certain piece of legislation while 45 are against it; in a random sample of 160 voters with average incomes 96 are for the legislation while 64 are against it; and in a random sample of 100 voters with high incomes 42 are for the legislation while 58 are against it. Test, for each pair of classes, the null hypothesis that the proportion of voters favouring the legislation is the same against an alternative that they are not. Use two methods. 3. A merchant stocks a certain perishable item. He knows that on any given day he will have a demand of 250, 350, or 450 for these items with probabilities 0.2, 0.4, and 0.4, respectively. He buys the items for $12.0 each and sells them for $20.0 each. If any are left at the end of the day, they are scrapped. How many items, 250, 350, or 450, should the merchant stock so as to maximize his expected daily profit? What is the maximum expected profit? (Construct a profits table first.) 4. Members of a gamblers’ club are classified according to whether they drink, or smoke, or otherwise, as shown below: A member is randomly chosen from the club. Group Male (M) Female (F) Drinker (D) 30 20 Smoker (S) 19 5 Both (B) 8 0 Otherwise (O) 49 35 (a) Show that the events of this member being a drinker and being a smoker are independent.
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Assignment 6 questions - 07/08 THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG...

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