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Q1 - defines the list node that contains an element •...

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Question 1. Sparse Vectors In mathematics, a vector is simply a list of numbers, e.g., [13.4, 14.5, 12.2]. In many applications, vectors are sparse, that is, they contain mainly 0 elements, e.g., [0 0 0 0 13.4 0 0 14.5 0 0 0 12.2]. It is inefficient to represent such vectors as regular arrays. Instead, we consider a data structure that only represents data values that are non-zero. It will do this by maintaining both the value and the one-based position of each value in the vector. Thus the previous vector can be represented as [(5, 13.4), (8, 14.5), (12, 12.2)]. We will represent this data structure as a singly-linked list, with elements containing both position indices and values. The files below define 4 classes to support this data structure. SparseNumericElement defines the data element containing both position index and value. SparseNumericNode
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Unformatted text preview: defines the list node that contains an element • SparseNumericIterator defines an iterator for the vector of elements • SparseNumericVector defines the vector using the above supporting classes. All of the code in the first 3 classes is provided. The only class you need to change and submit is SparseNumericVector . Here you need only add the code for 3 of the methods: • add : add an element to the vector • remove : remove an element from the vector • project : take the inner (dot) product of the vector with another vector passed as an argument. This method should run in O(m+n) time , where m and n are the number of non-zero elements in each vector. Here is a test program testSparseNumericVector that provides a few test cases. You should, however, test your program using a broader range of test cases. Pay particular attention to boundary conditions....
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Q1 - defines the list node that contains an element •...

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