Socrates - Cobb 1 L Cobb Socrates One must ask themselves...

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Cobb - 1 - L. Cobb Socrates One must ask themselves if life is worth living. According to Socrates it is, as long as you live a life filled with self improvement, knowledge and ethics. It was also this thinking that caused his execution. Did Socrates bring about his own death by the choices he made in life, or was he simply a victim of circumstance? Socrates did not receive complaints because of his views or philosophies, but because of his influence on youth and religion. Due to this fact it is necessary to explore his philosophies, his personality, and how they prejudiced others. In the beginning of Apology, Socrates identifies several individuals who have heard him speak, and asks them all to testify against him. Because they do not, he claims their refusal substantiates his defense. He argues as well, that he cannot be responsible for his influence on others, stating that others enjoy hearing him speak, and interrogate the unwise because of his truthfulness, and lack of sympathy. He continues that because people enjoy his orations so much, that many young people have begun to imitate him, thus by imitating him, they had spread his ideas to the mass population, but they lacked the tact that he himself possessed. Due to this, his ideas, not to be confused with him personally, had insulted and angered many people. Socrates led an interesting life. He was not wealthy, but by no means was he humble either. He did not write like Plato, because he felt that knowledge was alive, and
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Cobb - 2 - interactive. He founded his philosophy on his method of interrogation, in which he questioned citizens who claimed to be wise, and in his questioning found that they were
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Socrates - Cobb 1 L Cobb Socrates One must ask themselves...

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