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Up: Stat 5131 Stat 5131 First Midterm Exam, October 22, 1997 Problem 1 A two-card hand dealt from an ordinary deck is called a blackjack if one card is an ace and the other is a ten, jack, queen, or king. What is the probability of a blackjack? Problem 2 Suppose a test for drug use is administered to all employees of a company. The test detects 97% of actual drug users. The test also falsely indicates drug use in 2% of people who are not users. Suppose 1% of the employees of the company actually use drugs. What is the conditional probability that an employee
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Unformatted text preview: with a positive test result is actually a drug user? Problem 3 A random variable has p. d. f. f defined by Find the c. d. f. of X . Problem 4 A pair of random variables X and Y have joint p. d. f. Find the marginal p. d. f. of X . Problem 5 Suppose a random variable has p. d. f. f defined by Find the p. d. f. of the random variable Y = X 3 . Charles Geyer 1998-09-25...
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