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L. Cobb Spontaneous Monologue Essay Quite stillness everywhere, it is both peaceful and overwhelming. Intimidating, all that vast open space weighing down on my entirety. The air is so fresh. Breathing deep, I drink in it’s deliciousness. So cool and refreshing. The cool, crispness touches my cheeks. There is no smell in the air, yet the smell is delightful. So peaceful. The trees are making shushing noises in the wind. Green and Silver. So much lime, and dark green with flecks of gold. Their bark is so white, it shimmers. White and pure, with bits of brown to tell their life story. They seem harmonious, serene in their environment. I am the invader. The mountain peaks reach for the sky. They are covered in a blanket of trees, but you cannot see the trees in detail. Only the sparsely placed evergreens, that stand out among the rest, demanding attention. The mountains demand respect. They seem so beautiful with the sunshine kissing their peaks. But they still demand respect. They can
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