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Summary and response essay - L. Cobb In preparation for...

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L. Cobb In preparation for this assignment I was unsure about what type of essay to evaluate for my summary and response. Do I choose one that I agree with, or disagree with? I found the essay “Animal Rights in the Media” by the author Cassie on , and fortunately, I both agree and disagree with its contents. Cassie states that she will “explore the moral and ethical issues raised by human superiority over animals, why we shouldn’t have any superiority, and how this subject is portrayed in a variety of different media.” 1 She argues that the world is becoming less aware of the mistreatment of animals, and goes onto explain that because of this animals are becoming “more downtrodden” 1 in today’s society. She claims that humans treat animals immorally by acting as if animals were property. She justifies that animals have feelings, emotions, love, pain, and needs, and that those are all humanistic qualities. Several resources are provided to support her opinion. One in particular, called A Visit to the Slaughterhouse by Dave Gifford, was found on . The article describes in gory detail the process of slaughtering cattle. “After the animal has collapsed (but still conscious), the side of the killing stall is raised, and a chain is secured to the right hind leg. The cow is then hoisted by that one leg to a hanging position. At this point, the butcher drains the body of blood by slitting the cow's throat. When the blood vessels are severed, there is an amazing torrent of blood so profuse that the butcher is unable to step aside fast enough to avoid being covered with it.” 5 Cassie claims that anyone able to eat meat after reading only further proves her point that humans do not care for the treatment of animals. She states that humans do not need to consume meat to survive. Other supporting evidence she used were literary pieces including Black Beauty 2 , Musco 3 , and the film Andre. 4
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Summary and response essay - L. Cobb In preparation for...

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