a02 - Assignment 2 Data Representation and Logic CSci 1001...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 2: Data Representation and Logic CSci 1001, Spring 2010 5 February 2009 Due date: Due in hardcopy at the beginning of class on Wednesday February 17, 2010. See the “assignment rules” file on the class “Assignments” web page for assignment rules. 1 Representing Text and Numbers Problem 1.1 Latin alphabetic characters can be represented using their ASCII equiva- lents. Write the decimal representation of all the characters in “Lewis, C.S.” (don’t forget that the punctuation and blank space are considered characters here). You can find a useful ASCII table online at http://www.pcguide.com/res/tablesASCII-c.html. Problem 1.2 UNICODE is a 16 bit encoding that allows the representation of characters from different alphabets. Find the UNICODE encoding for the lower case Greek letter γ (gamma). You may use the tables at http://www.unicode.org/charts/. Your answer should be in hexadecimal representation. A binary string can mean different things, depending on how it’s interpreted. Problem 1.3 What decimal number does 01001110 represent if it is interpreted as an unsigned binary number? Problem 1.4 What ASCII character does the binary string in Problem 1.3 represent? Problem 1.5 What UNICODE character does 00000110 10111001 represent? (continued) 1 2 Binary Arithmetic What is the result of the following 8-bit unsigned binary operations? Give the result in unsigned binary....
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a02 - Assignment 2 Data Representation and Logic CSci 1001...

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