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a05 - Assignment 5 HTML Review Beginning Python Copyright...

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Assignment 5: HTML, Review, Beginning Python, Copyright CSci 1001, Spring 2010 March 31, 2010 Due date : Parts A and C due using electronic submission due by the start of class, Wednesday, April 14. Parts B and D due in hardcopy at the start of class on Wednesday, April 14. Introduction This assignment has four parts. First, you’ll need to go beyond what you did in the HTML lab and put together a more involved web site. Second, this homework includes some review questions. Third, there are a few introductory Python programming problems. Finally, there is a question about digital technology and copyright. Part A: HTML (40 points) This first part provides a chance to create a new web site (rather than modify an existing one like you did in the recent lab). First choose a topic. Possible topics include another class you are taking, a hobby, a topic we’ve discussed in this class, ... . The topic should not be too broad. The web site will need to satisfy the criteria below, but does not need to contain other features or extra content. Once you have chosen a topic, think about the overall design for your site — what it will include, how it will be organized, etc. Once you have done some initial planning, start implementing your site. Criteria : Your web site must satisfy the following: 1. It must be a multipage document, with a home page and at least 2 other pages that are accessible, either directly or indirectly, from the home page. How you organize and navigate between the pages is up to you, but whatever organization you use should be well-designed and easy to use and understand. 2. One of your pages should be an “Other links” page that contains at least 4 links to web pages outside your site. You will need to search for the other links. They should be links which are related to your page, and are informative. 1
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3. There should be at least one place where you use an ordered list, and at least one place where you have any kind of list nested inside another list. 4. There should be a table containing at least 2 rows and 3 columns. 5. You must include at least one image in the home page. You are free to use the U of M image or shape image from the html examples on the class web page if you wish, or may use any image freely available on the web, or that you yourself generate (e.g., with a drawing program, digital camera, etc.) If you use a image you did not generate, then give credit to the source of the image (e.g., “U of M image”).
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