a05-key - Assignment 5: HTML, Review, Beginning Python,...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 5: HTML, Review, Beginning Python, Copyright ANSWER KEY CSci 1001, Spring 2010 Because Parts A and D involve material that might be on April 19 Midterm 2, they will be graded and handed back in the April 16 lab. Parts B and C will be handed back sometime during the week of April 19th. Here is some more information about what might be on the exam from Parts A and D: • For HTML, you should know the main ideas of HTML (for example, that it provides a way to specify both form and content in web pages), its most important characteristics and capabilities (what it can and cannot do; for example, that it allows you to make lists, tables, include images, etc. in webpages), some common ways of setting up HTML pages (for example, why stylesheets are sometimes useful), and commonly used tags. If we ask a question that requires you to identify or know specific tags we will ask about ones that you needed to use in HW 5. • For copyright and the related topic of the Facebook statement of rights and respon- sibilities, you should know the key ideas about copyright and digital technology (for example, if you write something original, do you automatically own the copyright to it? As a second example, what is the difference between copyrighting software and li- censing it?) These were in the talk by the guest speaker Nancy Sims. For the Facebook statement of rights and responsibilities, you should know what the main points of the statement are with respect to who controls content you create and post on Facebook (HW 5, Part D1), and how this question relates to copyright. Who Graded Which Problems • Problems A: Faraz Mirzaei • Problems B: Tyler Smith • Problems C: Jonathon Lawson • Problems D: Phil Barry 1 Part A: HTML (40 points) Part A grading was based on the web site fulfilling all the criteria on the homework descrip- tion. The checklist at the end of this file lists these criteria, and provides the point value for each. In order to get points for each item you needed to include the item correctly....
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a05-key - Assignment 5: HTML, Review, Beginning Python,...

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