hw-ex - Extra Credit HW CSci 1001, Spring 2010 30 April...

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Unformatted text preview: Extra Credit HW CSci 1001, Spring 2010 30 April 2010 Due date This is an optional assignment. If you do it, you have three options for submitting it: Submit it in hardcopy at the last class on Friday, May 7th. Submit it in hardcopy during Prof. Barrys Monday, May 10th office hour (11noon). Email it to Prof. Barry as a .pdf file by noon on Monday, May 10th. Assignment Rules This assignment is optional. If you choose to do it, here are the rules: The assignment is due no later than noon, Monday, May 10th. We wont be accepting late submissions for this assignment, so if you do it be sure to get it in on time. The assignment should be submitted in hardcopy or as a .pdf file. The assignment should preferably be typed, but very neat handwritten assignments are also acceptable. Note you should not submit any part of this assignment using the submit program. Also note that if you email the file it must be a .pdf file (not .docx, not .txt, etc.) This assignment is worth a maximum of 2 points added to your overall class percentage. So, for example, if you got 70/100 points on this assignment, your overall percentage would be raised by (70 / 100) 2 = 1 . 4 points. This is an individual assignment. You may discuss the problems with others in the class, but must come up with your own solutions. In order to get full points, you must show your work on problems that require calcula- tions, and provide a brief explanation or justification of your answer on other problems where how you obtained the answer is not obvious. The problems in this assignment range from easier to quite challenging. So dont expect it to be obvious how to do all of them. If you do not get all of them done, you may submit answers to those problems you did finish. This will give you some, but not all, of the possible extra credit points. 1 Because this is an extra assignment, and because well be grading it at the same time as HW 6 and perhaps the final exam, we will not be returning this assignment before the final or posting an answer key for it. However, if you have questions on whetherthe final or posting an answer key for it....
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This note was uploaded on 10/28/2010 for the course CSCI 1001 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at Minnesota.

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hw-ex - Extra Credit HW CSci 1001, Spring 2010 30 April...

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