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GENERAL FEEDBACK FOR THE INITIAL VERSION OF THE BOOK REVIEW ============================================================= Here are comments on the initial version of the book review. These are further comments beyond what was written by one of us in your Google Docs document. Please read both the in-document comments and this file's comments carefully. Also please feel free to come see Prof. Barry or Katie Panciera if you'd like to discuss anything about the revision. What we did and didn't comment on: The purpose of the in-document comments is to highlight what would *most* help you in the revision. So in your revision make sure you attend to the comments (and see one of us if you don't understand any comment's meaning). However, there were also some areas we didn't comment on in the reviews --- since they weren't the most important items for your revisiion --- but which you should still improve. For example, even if we didn't mention this in your document, please polish your paper's mechanics and style before the final submission since almost all papers could be improved in that area. Some other areas to look at, beyond the comments in your document, are mentioned here. Additionally, look over all parts of your review and think about what else might be improved. The comments here and in your document mention the most important areas to revise, but that doesn't mean that other parts of your paper which are good (say at the 'B' level) couldn't be improved further (to the 'A' level). A couple revision items ------------------------ Remember the revision is due by 5pm Friday April 30. As with the initial version, just make sure the final version is in your Google Docs document and that we still has access to it. In doing your final version, you may delete the comments we made on
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initial-version-comm - GENERAL FEEDBACK FOR THE INITIAL...

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