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COMMENTS ON MIDTERM 1, SPRING 2010 ---------------------------------- The first midterm will be Monday, March 1. Here are some comments on it: --- The exam will be entire class period. So please make sure you show up on time. --- The exam will be open book and note: you may use the textbook for this class, any class notes you've taken, any notes from the class web page, and any assignments you've done. --- However, do not expect to rely overmuch on your notes; If you find yourself spending a lot of time searching for material in your textbook, you will not have time to finish the exam. --- No laptops, cell phones, calculators, etc. --- Possible topics: -- algorithms (Chapters 1 and 2) -- ethical systems (web notes) -- data representation (Chapter 3 and web links for binary arithmetic and 2's complement representation) -- information reliability and logical fallacies (web notes) -- logic (Chapter 4) --- Anything from HW 1 and 2 will be fair game for this midterm. General questions about ethics, information reliability, and
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Unformatted text preview: logical fallacies are also fair game. However, we won't ask questions about more recent topics, specifically machine organization, operating systems, and computer security will not be on this midterm.--- Exam questions will often be similar to questions on the homework, labs, or in-class exercises (such as the logical fallacy exercise) There may also be some general questions based on the reading, lectures, or discussion.--- Expect about 6 questions (some of which are multipart) based on different topics.--- A sample midterm will be posted; however, please also see the posted disclaimer file for some caveats about the sample midterm.--- HW 2 will be graded and handed back, and an answer key posted no later than Wednesday before the exam. --- The lab the Friday before the midterm will be used for review. However, please start studying before then and make use of office hours as needed....
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