sample-mid2-ans - MIDTERM 2 ANSWER KEY...

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Unformatted text preview: MIDTERM 2 ANSWER KEY ======================= (1) (a) True. (b) False. The term is life of the author plus 70 years. (c) False. Moore's Law has the doubling occurring every 2 years.------ (2) Here are the items that are true: (a) About 3000 copies of a Harry Potter book (b) --- Viacom is suing Google, alleging that many postings on Google's YouTube infringe on Viacom copyrights.--- One major point of contention in the lawsuit is whether Google is covered by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act's ``safe harbor'' provision. (c) --- Most spreadsheet programs contain many functions you can use, such as functions for calculating sums, for calculating averages, and for finding maximum or minimum values. --- Spreadsheets were an important application in growing the popularity of personal computers. (d) --- The insertion sort discussed in class and in the text has a complexity of O(n^2). (Recall that insertion sort first sort the first two list items, then sees where to place the third item with respect to the first...
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sample-mid2-ans - MIDTERM 2 ANSWER KEY...

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