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ENGL 1101 First-Year Composition I Fall 2010 Instructor: Chris Hall Office: Park Hall 328 Telephone: 706-542-2259 Office Hours: MWF 10:30-12:00 email: [email protected] and by appointment Course Description Students enrolled in English 1101: First-Year Composition I will focus on informational, analytical, and argumentative writing (the principal genres of academic discourse that students will encounter in many courses across the curriculum), and on research skills and critical thinking. Goals English 1101 students will learn to: • write papers in and out of class using processes that include discovering ideas and evidence, organizing that material, and revising, editing, and polishing the finished paper; • think critically so that they can recognize the difference between opinion and evidence and so that they can support an intelligent, challenging thesis; • address papers to a range of audiences; • understand the collaborative and social aspects of the writing process and demonstrate an ability to critique the writing of themselves and others; •develop a sense of voice appropriate to the subject, the writer’s purpose, the context, and the reader’s expectations; •understand how genres shape reading and writing and produce writing in several genres; • follow the conventions of standard edited English and MLA documentation; • use electronic environments for drafting, reviewing, revising, editing, and sharing texts; • understand and exploit the differences in the rhetorical strategies and in the affordances available for both print and electronic composing processes and texts. *explore and adapt proven and experimental composition strategies to develop and refine their own writing process. Required Books St. Martin's Handbook , 6 th ed., Lunsford (SMH) Writing Analytically, 5 th ed., Rosenwasser and Stephens (WA) First-year Composition Guide at UGA , 2010-2011 ed. (FYC) A collegiate dictionary that includes etymologies and common usage guidelines. Prerequisites Students must either place into English 1101 or pass out of the Academic Enhancement Program.
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The Work Students will write three essays (approximately 1,200-1,500 words), all of which will have undergone an extensive revision process, maintain an online reading journal, complete in- and out-of-class assignments (such as taking quizzes, writing discussion queries, attending relevant events). All this work culminates in a unified electronic portfolio that represents the student's achievements and learning throughout the semester. Each of these components of your grade are described with their attendant weights below: The Electronic Portfolio (30%) , which you will construct and present on <emma> using the Portfolio Tool, is a capstone project drawn from the writing products and processes you compose and refine throughout the semester. Rather than a loose array of documents, the collection will be a unified digital artifact whose parts fit together rationally and harmoniously. Like all your writing projects this
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ENGL Syllabus - ENGL 1101 First-Year Composition I Fall...

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