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Peer Review Revision - Effective Organization and Structure...

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Peer Review Revision Exercise Content Answer these questions in as detailed a manner as possible, being specific to certain elements of the essay or marking comments on your partner's essay. Thesis/Focus 1. Is the purpose of the writing clear? 2. Has the writer accomplished this purpose? 3. Is the writing interesting and understandable? 4. Does it hold the reader's attention? 5. Does the essay have a clear thesis? 6. Do the body paragraphs have clear topic sentences? 7. In the conclusion, does the author restate the thesis or come to a logical conclusion about what he/she has discussed? Appropriate Voice/Tone s the language appropriate to the writing? Does it suit the audience? Effective Organization and Structure
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Unformatted text preview: Effective Organization and Structure • Were the ideas arranged in logical order? • Does this order suit the purpose? • Do the ideas flow smoothly? • Has the writer avoided any breaks in thought? Adequate Development • Has the topic been developed well? • Is there sufficient information • Are all ideas related to the topic? • Do they all help to develop or strengthen the main idea? Editing Are there any problems with sentence structure? With diction? With punctuation? Are there any “fatal” errors? Any fragments? • Any fused or run-on sentences? • Any comma splices? • Any apostrophe errors • Any pronoun agreement or subject-verb agreement errors?...
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