Using Quotations - Quotations Guidelines Use quotations to...

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Quotations Guidelines Use quotations to support your position in a critical essay, to establish your credibility by citing an authority, or to achieve a certain effect (humor, for example). Use quotations judiciously, only when necessary. Your essay should be your work, yours the dominant voice, not a patchwork of others' opinions. Quotations are like spice, too much of which spoils the dish. Quote exactly and fairly. You are obligated to represent the quoted text's intent accurately. Although you may and often should alter quotations with ellipses or add material using brackets, make sure you preserve the original spirit of the quoted text. Always comment on the quotation within the sentence in which it appears. It is your responsibility to inform your reader of the quotation's relevance, but when you punctuate a quotation as an independent sentence or use long block quotations, you leave your reader to guess the quotation's significance. Quotations are evidence; they serve only to support your claims. Never rely on a quotation to make a point for you or to explain itself. Indicate the quoted work's full title and the author's full name early in your essay (or upon the quotation's first occurrence) to avoid confusion. Afterward, you may use the quoted author's last name or truncate the title if it is cumbersome. For example, “The Third Thing that Killed My Father Off” might be shortened to “The Third Thing” upon its second and subsequent appearances in your essay. Form Once again (and say it with me, with feeling), NEVER PUNCTUATE A QUOTATION AS AN INDEPENDENT SENTENCE. Quotations must appear WITHIN your sentence to clarify their
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Using Quotations - Quotations Guidelines Use quotations to...

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