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1 CHEMISTRY 1211 LAB SYLLABUS FALL SEMESTER 2010 General Chemistry Lab Coordinator Dr. Bobby Stanton Office 518 Phone 542-1962 email: Office Hours: Open Daily Textbook EXPERIMENTS IN GENERAL CHEMISTRY FEATURING MEASURENET ,” Guided Inquiry, Self-Directed, and Capstone, 2 nd Ed. Stanton, Zhu, and Atwood, Thomson*Brooks/Cole, 2010. Items to Purchase 1. Students must purchase their own pair of safety glasses before attending their first laboratory session. Safety glasses can be purchased at Campus Scientific Stores in room 300 of the Chemistry Building at a cost of $8-10 per pair. These goggles can be used for all Chemistry undergraduate courses, general and organic. 2. Students may purchase (not mandatory) a flash drive storage device for saving and retrieving MeasureNet files before the first laboratory meeting. Flash drives can be purchased at the UGA Bookstore, Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot, Office Max, or Wal-Mart. UGA mail can be used to send files to yourselves. Lab Safety Rules There are numerous safety rules students must adhere too while working in the laboratory. 1. You MUST wear safety goggles at ALL times while in the lab. If you are observed not wearing safety goggles, your TA will give you a warning for the first offense. Subsequent offenses will result in the deduction of 20 points from that day’s lab grade, or you will be asked to leave the lab and given an unexcused absence (Grade of 0). 2. You must wear pants to lab . Shorts and skirts are not permitted in the laboratory. You are not permitted to wear tank tops or midriff shirts. You must wear closed-face shoes (i.e., no sandals). You should wear old clothes to lab (jeans and T-shirts or sweat shirts). 3. You are not permitted to bring food or drink into the laboratory. You may not chew gum in the lab. 4.
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