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Unformatted text preview: FULL SYLLABUS FOR CHEM 1211 IS ON THE E-LEARNING COMMONS SITE. INSTRUCTIONS FOR ENTERING THE SITE ARE GIVEN ON THE BACK OF THIS SHEET. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THE INFORMATION ON THE E-LEARNING COMMONS SYLLABUS. Chemistry 1211 General Information Fall Semester, 2010 TEXTS: CHEMISTRY Ninth Edition , Whitten, Davis, Peck, and Stanley, Cengage Brooks/Cole College Publishing, Electronic Version on E-Learning Commons. University of Georgia General Chemistry Supplement, Whitten, Atwood, Stanton, and Morrison Cengage Brooks/Cole College Publishing. TI-30 CALCULATOR Interwrite Personal Response System RF version Final grades in CHEM 1211 will be calculated on the following basis : Three hour exams (20% each) 60% of final grade Final Exam (30%) 30% of final grade Homework (10%) 10% of final grade 100% of final grade Final grades will be assigned on the following basis: 100% to 93.00% = A, 92.99% to 90.00% = A-, 89.99% to 87.00 % = B+, 86.99% to 83.00% = B, 82.99% to 80.00% = B-, 79.99% to 77.00% = C+, 76.99% to 73.00% = C, 87....
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