ATH185 MIDTERM - ATN 185B Cultural Diversity in the US...

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ATN 185B Cultural Diversity in the US Student-made study guide for Midterm exam. Chapter 1 Vocab: Complex societies A combination of social research techniques, including ethnography, can provide new perspectives on life in complex societies (large and populous societies with social stratification and central governments), such as the US and Canada. Cultural anthropology The study of cultural differences and similarities among widespread human groups. Ethnography Study of a particular society usually entails spending a year or more in the field, living with local people and learning about their customs. Holism Study of the whole of the human condition-biological and cultural variation in time and space. Variables The attributes that vary among members of a sample or population, are known to influence beliefs and behavior, including political decisions. Topics: Emic vs etic approach What unifies Americans? Chapter 2 Culture A way of life-traditions and customs-transmitted through learning, which play a vital role in molding the beliefs and behavior of the people exposed to them. Enculturation Children learn these traditions by growing up in a society or nation, through a process. Symbol Something verbal or nonverbal, in a language or culture, that comes to stand for something else. Agency The actions that individuals take, both alone and in groups, in forming and transforming cultural identities. Globalization A series of processes, including diffusion and acculturation, working to promote change in a world in which nations and people are increasingly interlinked and mutually dependent. Ethnocentrism The tendency to use one’s own cultural standards and values in judging the behavior and beliefs of people from different cultures. Ideal culture vs. real culture Ideal culture consists of what people say they should do and what they say they do.
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Real culture refers to their actual observed behavior. Cultural products as text
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ATH185 MIDTERM - ATN 185B Cultural Diversity in the US...

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