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1 1 EEN 404 Communication Systems Ch3.1b: Single Ch3.1b: Single-Sideband Modulation Sideband Modulation Vestigial Vestigial-Sideband Modulation Sideband Modulation 2 Single sideband (SSB) modulation motivation: • DSB and AM need twice the message bandwidth • either upper or lower sideband contains the message • SSB only use upper or lower sideband to reduce bandwidth yp p advantages: • small bandwidth disadvantages: • cost and complexity of its implementation modulators: • frequency discrimination method • phase-shift method demodulators: • coherent mixing • carrier insertion and envelope detection 3 Hilbert Transform (Ch2.9) A filter phase-shifts its input by Hilbert transform: Examples: 4 Analytic Signals Analytic signal in terms of the real signal x(t) is defined as: pectrum of the analytic signal: Spectrum of the analytic signal: For negative frequency part:
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2 5 Complex Envelope Real bandpass signals x(t) whose spectrum is given in (a):
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ch3.1b_ssb_vsb_handout - 1 Single sideband (SSB) modulation...

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