Reservoir Fluid Type (according to textbook)

Reservoir Fluid Type (according to textbook) - less than...

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Type Black & Heavy oils Volatile oil Retrograde Condensate gas Wet Gas Dry Gas Initial producing GOR, scf/STB less than 2,000 2,000-3,300 approx 3,300, upper limit not well defined more than 50,000 more than 100,000 Initial stock tank API for liquid less than 45 40 or higher 40 - 60 40 - 60 No liquid Stock tank liquid color Very Dark Colored Light color (brown, orange, greenish, or water-white) Near- transparent and colorless No liquid Heptanes + mole percent more than 20% 12.5 - 20
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Unformatted text preview: less than 12.5 < 4 < 0.7 Field GOR vs. time Increasing GOR (till Pb), then decreasing. Similar to black oil GOR steadily increases GOR is constant Not applicable Field stock tank liquid gravity vs. time Decreasing, then increasing Constant above dew point, then increasing Increase more pronounced than in volatile oils Constant Not applicable Oil formation volume factor (res bbl/STB) 2.0 or less greater than 2.0...
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