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Unformatted text preview: Lab Report # 5 Bo Sang Yun (lab partner : Tae Sung Kim) 1. Introduction In this experiment we show the motion of an air puck on air table showing constant angular momentum. Using webcam, the movie of the air puck is recorded as it circles around the center of the table. This performance is to prove Newtonian physics that an object moving under the influence of a central force will exhibit constant angular momentum with respect to that point. Using Kepler’s law, which states that if an object rotating about a fixed point has a constant angular momentum about that point the radius vector of the object will sweep over equal areas in equal time intervals, we will calculate the areas of the triangles made at each point and see if areas throughout all the points are close to each other. 2. Conclusion Summary : We observed motion of a air puck on air table showing constant angular momentum. The line fit using fit1 shows steady decline as the frames increase, which means the area swept out as the...
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