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Akıskan Deneyi - Determining the Pipe...

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Determining the Pipe Friction Loss and Local Losses through a Closed Pumping System Aim of the Experiment Experimental analysis of pipe friction loss coefficient (λ) as a functiom of nondimensional Re number in turbulent flow. Getting local loses of the pipes experimentally. Gathering information about flowmeters and orrifice-meters Test Equipment The pipe friction loss test rig is a closed loop system which has straight and long piece of pipe fed by a centrifugal pump, sucking water from a tank. Head loss measurement is achieved by a differential manometer which is connected at a distance of L mm to both sides of a pipe. The pipe friction loss is calculated for 1 Plastic pipe and 1 Galvanized pipe that is in the table: The piping system used for the local loss experiment goes out from a tank and has several local (minor) loss components such as sudden contraction, sudden expansion, elbows, valves and orifice meters. Pressure measurement tubes are placed before and after the local loss elements in order to take measurements. Flow-meter and discharge control valve lying on the pressure side of the centrifugal pump are realizing the required conditions for steady flow assumption. The local losses are calculated from table as follows; Measuring the flow-rate is done by a volumetric type flow-meter. The flow-rate is determined by counting the volumetric flow per unit time using a chronometer. The discharge flow-rate can be altered with the control valve next to the pump. Page- 1 -
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Reviews For pipe friction losses (major loss) - Relation of pipe friction loss coefficient with constant relative roughness Re) , ( ε λ λ = υ D V = Re D k = ε k: [mm], D: [mm] -
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