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CCF08182010_00019 - 74 FE/EIT Sample Examinations — 41...

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Unformatted text preview: 74 FE/EIT Sample Examinations — 41. wd=wm/1—Cz:(5q)\/1—(0.5) =4.33q Answer is D. 42. (up = an 1 — 2(2 =(5q)\/1 — (2)(0.5)2 : 3.54q Answer is B. 43. The characteristic equation is the denominator of Eq. I from Sol. 38, and the poles of the system lie at the roots of this equation. 39 2 —= s+3s+4 0 s_—3:l:x/9—39_—3i\/302, _‘2—_7 7 Since the real part of both roots is negative, the system is stable. Since the imaginary part is nonzero, the out— put will oscillate. Oscillations are characteristic of an underdamped system. Answer is A. 44. A baud is a unit of data transmission speed roughly equal to one bit per second. The measure was named af— ter the French engineer J ME Baudot and was initially used to measure the speed of telegraph transmissions. Bands were used to measure modem speed until the early 1990s. At the lower model speeds available then, the baud rate generally equaled the rate of transmis- sion in bits per second (bps). Higher modem speeds are generally measured in kilobits per second (Kbps). Answer is D. 45. The code is an example of a function call. A func- tion call is similar to a subroutine except that a function always returns a value to the calling program. A func— tion is usually called implicitly by embedding the func- tion call into another statement in place of the returned value rather than having a separate call statement. Answer is B. 46. Professionals may provide services even if conflicts of interest are involved as long as they disclose the con- flicts of interest and any influences and biases such con— flicts may cause. Answer is C. 47. It is ethical to receive compensation from more than one party if all parties agree to the arrangement. Answer is D. 48. Political contributions can be made if not intended to influence awards or achieve favor. Answer is B . 49. While (A), (C), and (D) are always ethics viola~ tions, an engineer is responsible to publicize confidential information about a product or process if not doing so could jeopardize the welfare of society. Answer is B . 50. Although ethical obligations to an employer are important, providing a safe, quality product to the con- sumer and client that will not jeopardize the welfare of society comes before any responsibilities to an employer. Answer is A. 51. While employers, societies, and all engineers should work to ensure ethical behavior, official regulation is provided by state agencies. Answer is D. 52. Whistle blowing is the act of telling news agencies or regulating boards about flaws in a design or proce- dure that could jeopardize the public welfare. It is the ethical responsibility of all engineers, although it is not career-enhancing. Answer is A. 53. Compensation is not a reason for ethical behavior. Answer is B. 54. Clients are not required to seek competitive bids. In fact, many engineering societies discourage the use of bidding to procure design services because it is be— lieved that competitive bidding results in lower—quality construction. Answer is B. 55. iannual = (1 + imonthly)12 - 1 = (1 + 0.012)12 — 1 = 0.1538 (15%) Answer is D. Professional Publications, Inc. — ...
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