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CCF08182010_00004 - 8 FE/E" Sample Examinations — 37...

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Unformatted text preview: 8 FE/E" Sample Examinations — 37. A system is found to have the following transfer function. 7 + s = 2.92 + 143— 36 s is the frequency in Hz. What frequency defines the system as inherently unstable? (A) —7 Hz (B) 2 Hz (C) 4 Hz (D) 9 Hz 17(5) Problems 38~43 are based on the following illustration. All values are in non-dimensionalized units. C(s) 38. What is most nearly the natural frequency of the control system? (A) 0.707 (B) 3.12 (C) 5.92 (D) 9.75 Problems 39—42 assume that the natural frequency of the control system shown in Prob. 38 is 5q Hz, where q is some scalar. 39. What is most nearly the steady-state gain of the control system? (A) 1-4/q2 (B) “W2 (C) 16/a2 (D) 180/(12 40. What is most nearly the damping ratio of the con— trol system? (A) 0.06/q (B) 0-3/q (C) 0-6/q (D) 08/11 Problems 41 and 42 assume a damping ratio of 0.5. 41. What is most nearly the damped natural frequency of the control system? Professional Publications, Inc. m (A) 0.866q (B) 3.54q (C) 3.75q (D) 4.33q 42. What is most nearly the damped resonant fre— quency of the control system? (A) 0.866q (B) 3.54q (C) 3.75q (D) 4.33q 43. If the control system is given a unit step input, how will the response be characterized? (A) underdamped (B) overdamped (C) critically damped (D) unstable 44. A baud is (A) a measure of the intervals between transmitted digital data (B) a device used to demodulate audio data signals (C) a unit of magnitude of electronically transmit— ted audio signals (D) a unit of speed in digital data transmission measuring number of signals per second 45. The following code is an example of what program- ming technique? b = cube(a) cube(a) { b = a * a * a return b } (A) branching (B) function call (C) looping (D) subroutine 46. When can a professional provide services if con- flicts of interest are involved? (A) if no compensation is received (B) if doing so does not personally benefit the pro- fessional (C) if full disclosure of potential conflicts are pro- vided (D) never i i I 3, , 3 i ...
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