ExploreEngineeringProject - 8/27/10 Explore Engineering...

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8/27/10 1 EE302 Explore Engineering Project 1 Explore Engineering Project The EE 302 Project is designed for you to explore UT- Austin and learn more about the engineering profession. The project will consist of a series of assignments broken up into eight different units. Unit A: One Page Resume Unit B: Ethics & Academic Integrity Unit C: Ethics & Professional Responsibility Unit D: Current Issues in Electrical Engineering Unit E/F: Seminars Unit G: IEEE Student Organization Meeting Unit H: Mystery Unit Note that some units will require more work than others. 2 Unit A: One Page Resume A resume is a good thing to have when you apply for jobs, scholarships, etc. There are services available through the Engineering Career Assistance Center to help you with yours. These services are free to all Engineering students. You must do an orientation (either in person or online) to register. Submit the file for your resume on Blackboard. PDF, DOC, DOCX 3 Unit B: Ethics & Academic Integrity Read the material on the Dean of Students website related to academic integrity, scholastic
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ExploreEngineeringProject - 8/27/10 Explore Engineering...

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