Unit 4.0 - SourceTransformations

Unit 4.0 - SourceTransformations - Source Transformations...

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10/29/10 Dr. Bruce McCamm 1 Source Transformations 1 Source Transformations In this lecture, you will: Learn to transform voltage sources and series resistors into current sources with parallel resistors and vice versa Learn to apply this technique as another tool in solving circuit problems 2 One Port Networks Sometimes we only care about the way a linear network behaves at its output terminals We can represent this as a black box with a pair of terminals This black box is called a one-port network Linear network + V - I 3 One Port Network The behavior of this one-port network can be completely described by the relationship between voltage and current at the terminals We don’t care about the contents of the black box as long as the I-V characteristic is correct Linear network + V - I 4 One Port Network--Example To an outside observer, these two networks are identical 10 Ω 10 Ω 5 Ω 5 Source Transformations We can use a similar approach to convert between voltage and current sources to simplify circuits We need to find the relationship between I s , V s , and R that guarantees the two configurations are equivalent + - V s R I s R 6
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Unit 4.0 - SourceTransformations - Source Transformations...

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