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Columbus paper - Minh-Thuy Nguyen Section 38 Christopher...

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Minh-Thuy Nguyen, Section 38 Christopher Columbus, “Letter from the First Voyage (1493 C.E.)”, pp. 309-312 “Letter from the First Voyage” is a letter that was written by Christopher Columbus in March 14th, 1493, in which described about all the events and the discoveries that have occurred in his voyage. A little bit about the background of Christopher Columbus, he is an Italian who has a dream of making his fortune in the spice trade. As a young mariner, he had worked with a mapmaker and became obsessed with the idea of reaching the Spice Islands via a western route. This letter is one of Columbus’s early communications as he is on the way of his discovery journey. The letter was intentionally written to Raphael Sanchez, the treasurer of Aragon, and most mighty king and queen of Spain, in which he notified them of which had occurred on his voyage. He describes about the lands, provinces, cities and rivers, and some other marvelous things. Moreover, Christopher Columbus has describes the culture and belief of the islanders in a
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