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Unformatted text preview: Marcus Tullius Cicero : This individual was seen as a well known orator and a rhetorician in his times. Cicero brought Greek philosophy into the Roman culture. He belonged to a wealthy family and moved to Rome. In Rome he was able to gain a knowledge which granted him the ability to understand concepts of law. In 80 B.C.E. Cicero became well known by his first legal case which granted him a spot light in the Roman community. This popular orator was then elected to counsel in 63 B.C.E. Cicero later was murdered after a career with great success and achievement. The text defines this individual was an influential character during ancient Rome. He provided Greek philosophies to the Romans. Cicero contributed his ideas and translations through a book called, On the Laws. This was published after Ciceros murder. On the Laws : A book which Cicero which contains dialog between many characters which include Cicero Quintus, and Atticus. During these dialogues they exchange their thoughts of how the nature of...
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