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ETST 12 Midterm 1 Vocab

ETST 12 Midterm 1 Vocab - Bishop controversy No Bishop or...

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● Bishop controversy ○No Bishop or minister from England in America; Anglican bishops were banned because they held too much power in England. Many fled England for this reason. Some stated that bishops were necessary in the colonies and that denying the bishops would mean denying religious liberty necessary to support the monarchy. ● Virginia Religious Freedom Bill 1777, 1789 ○ Created by Thomas Jefferson with the intention of establishing religious freedom. Instituted in 1789 by James Madison. This was seen as too radical at the time. - Architect of civil liberty; reli- gious liberty was essential for the newly developed states. S: Instigated organic growth of multiple culture and religions in the country S: Basically setup possibility of Bill of Right & Free Exercise Clause ● “No Religious Test” -The Constitution mentions religion once and does not mention God or national faith/creed (this was seen as offensive) . - Freedom on which all other freedoms rested (freedom of conscious) ● Bill of Rights ○ First Amendment dealing with freedom of religion, speech, assembly. It is a fundamental right and can only be infringed upon if there is a compelling interest test. It enables the citizen of the U.S. to freely express themselves. ● Establishment Clause -prohibits the federal government from endorsing any single religious denomination. ○S: allows any denomination to practice their own faith, making America unique in that under the Constitution, there is no discrimination ● Free Exercise Clause ○ disallows any governmental interference in the practice of religion - People were allowed to practice whatever religion they so choose. ● American Exceptionalism -Although American tends to resemble Western European countries in terms of its culture and economics, it is substantially more religious by almost every measure. ● Oceanic Feeling - Humans are interconnected with their surroundings; feeling apart of something larger; Sigmund Freud thinks this is the origin of religion. ○ A term discussed in Freud’s “ Civilization and Its Discontents” which was a sense of being a part of something bigger than yourself. It is a feeling of interconnectedness to life, society, and spirituality -S: Mechanism to unify certain groups, i.e. MLK made people feel more than a group of black people. ● Primacy of Possibility (POP) - a realm above everything, even the gods. ○ A realm above all to which everything is connected, from which everything is derived and is the source of all things visible in the world. - creation of USA was from primacy of possibility and has the ability to unify people and a na- tion is not created by only 1 person, people are all equal - S: (For the following two) work together in many different religions to create a comprehensive structure for the universe and a system through which humans can access that structure.
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