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1 Clicker Questions Lecture 9 October 13, 2010 A Drosophila female is homozygous for a mutation of Hb in which the Nanos binding sites in the 3’UTR have been mutated. Its progeny will: A. Look like wild-type embryos. B. Have Bcd protein in the posterior. C. Have a bcd mutant phenotype. D. Display extra segments. E. Look like cad mutants. Question 11 Question 12 What would happen to engrailed expression in a ftz(-) mutant? A. It would be unchanged. B. There would be 28 stripes. C. There would be 14 stripes. D. There would be 7 stripes. E. There would be no expression. Question 13 What would happen to eve stripe 2 expression in a giant mutant embryo?
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