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1 Clicker Questions Lecture 12 October 20, 2010 The MS cell is removed from an 8-cell C. elegans embryo. The cultured cell produces pharynx and muscles (same as if it were left in the embryo). Therefore: A. The embryo develops regulatively. B. MS can produce an entire embryo. C. MS is autonomously specified. D. MS is conditionally specified.
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Unformatted text preview: E. The embryo develops mosaically. Question 16 If P 2 is removed from a 4-cell embryo just as it is born: A. The embryo will compensate. B. ABa and ABp will make pharynx. C. ABa and ABp exchange fates. D. ABa and ABp make no pharynx. E. MS makes no pharynx. Question 17...
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