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Assignment Key: Buret Preparation and Calibration 1 Buret Preparation and Calibration (I) Ratio (mL/drop and drops/mL) (II) – Buret Calibration (III) – Eppendorf Pipet Helper MSDS: None “None” means there is no specific compound assigned for this experiment. For many of the subsequent experiments, you will be asked to include statements of Hazards , Handling & Storage , Disposal for a particular compound in your report (i.e., in the EXPERIMENTAL section). For now, you should go to WebCT MSDS and familiarize yourself with its usage. SAMPLE CALCULATIONS : The correct formula to use in F16 is “=MAX(F6:F15)-MIN(F6:F15)”, without the quotes, of course. Using this format, write the formulae for cells F17 – F25 and D64 – D66. For D64, use the table (i.e., B45 – E53) that is provided on the spreadsheet and the linear interpolation method to determine the numerical value. Ans . F17 = AVERAGE(F6:F15) F18 = STDEV(F6:F15) F19 = F18 F20 = F18/F17 . . . D64 = C53+(D63-B53)*(E46-C53)/(D46-B53) . . PRELABORATORY QUESTIONS : Below are a few of the websites you should visit. These, by no means, are the only ones available online. You should know these topics well and apply them to all the experiments wherever appropriate.
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assignment1 - Assignment Key: Buret Preparation and...

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