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Dwayne Chang d2chang@ucsd.edu OH: Wed 12:30P @ Leichtag Lobby Professor:  Dr. Fortes  BIPN 100 Winter 2008 Week 4 – Conduction Velocity, Synapses, Neurotransmitters I. Conduction Velocity a. Longitudinal Resistance i. ____ (Inc/Dec) in diameter will increase longitudinal resistance, and therefore _____ (Inc/Dec) conduction velocity. b. Membrane Conductance i. ____ (Inc/Dec) in the amount of myelin will decrease membrane conductance, and therefore ____ (Inc/Dec) conduction velocity. II. Types of Fibers a. A i. Alpha – primarily used for ____________________________________. ii. Beta – primarily used for _____________________________________. iii. Gamma – primarily used for ___________________________________. iv. Delta – primarily used for _____________________________________. *Not integral to memorize diameter of these, just know how the x-sectional area and conduction affects conduction velocity* b. B – primarily used for ______________________________________________. c. C – primarily used for ______________________________________________. i.
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dcwksheet4 - DwayneChang d2chang@ucsd.edu...

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