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BIPN 100 –Dr. Fortes TA Jing Wang Handout1 [email protected] OH Wed 4-5 @ Café Roma Neurophysiology Anatomy Neuron-the functional unit of the nerve Dendrites-the main inflow tract Soma-cell body Hillock-where action potentials originate Axon-main outflow tract Diffusion The movement of molecules from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration -requires 1. driving force (conc. Gradient and/or electrical potential 2. pathway Fick’s Law of diffusion: Flux = C x Permeability, for a certain particle Δ i. Permeability = Diffusion constant x Area of diffusion / Thickness of the membrane ii. Properties of diffusion iii. 1. doesn’t require energy iv. 2. always occur___________(along/against) conc. Gradient v. 3. Molecules are always moving, even at equilibrium. vi. 4. for faster difussion, (fill in “increase” or “decrease” (a). a. _______concentration gradient (b). b. _______distance (c). c. _______temperature (d). d. _______molecule size B. Simple Diffusion – diffusion directly across the phospholipid bilayer of a cell i. Small, uncharged, nonpolar molecules (ie. Gasses, O 2 , CO 2 ) C. Facilitated Diffusion – movement of molecules across the plasma membrane with the aid of a membrane protein follow its conc. Gradient. Energy is ________(do/do not) required.
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handout1 - BIPN 100 Dr Fortes Handout1 OH Wed 4-5 Caf Roma...

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