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Discussion 5 - TA: John Austin Carr j1carr@ucsd.edu A06:...

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TA: John “Austin” Carr j1carr@ucsd.edu BIPN 100: Mammalian Physiology I A06: Friday 8:00-8:50am, SOLIS 109 Dr. Fortes (WI08) A07: Wednesday 10:00-10:50am, WLH 2207 OH: Tuesday 10-11am MTF 211 Discussion 5: Reflexes and the Endocrine System Reflexes Withdrawal reflexes Endocrine System Hormones: Hydrophilic v. Hydrophobic Peptide/protein, steroid, amines, Receptors: Intracellular v. Membrane Transduction pathways G-protein coupled receptors: G s , G i , G q Reflex Classification: Classification Reflexes Description Examples Number of neurons in reflex pathway Monosynaptic Single synapse between the two neurons in the pathway (afferent sensory & efferent somatic motor) – synapse in spinal cord Somatic Motor Reflexes (below) Polysynaptic Withdrawal Reflex; (below) CNS location where reflex is integrated Somatic Reflexes that involve motor neurons and skeletal muscles Withdrawal Reflex Autonomic Reflexes that are entirely controlled by autonomic neurons (smooth and cardiac muscle, organs…) Efferent division of nervous system that controls response Spinal Knee-jerk Reflex; Withdrawal Reflex Cranial Reflexes integrated in the brain Eye blinking reflex Learned or Innate Learned ( Pavlov’s Dogs Innate Born with them, genetically determined Knee-jerk Reflex
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Discussion 5 - TA: John Austin Carr j1carr@ucsd.edu A06:...

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