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Discussion Sections - Wednesday 3:00p-3:50p Muir Bio EBE...

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TA Day Time Location Jenny Phillips Monday 10:00a-10:50a Muir Bio- EBE Library Melissa Soldevilla Monday 3:00p-3:50p Center218 Melissa Soldevilla Monday 4:00p-4:50p Muir Bio- EBE Library Traci Kitaoka Wednesday 11:00a-11:50a York 3000A Traci Kitaoka Wednesday 12:00p-12:50p York 3000A Cheng Chou Wednesday 2:00p-2:50p Center203 Jeff Takimoto Wednesday
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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday 3:00p-3:50p Muir Bio- EBE Library Jeff Takimoto Wednesday 4:00p-4:50p York 4050B Wendy Lee Thursday 2:00p-2:50p Center203 Teresa Kim Friday 9:00a-9:50a U413A Nick Toda Friday 12:00p-12:50p APM2301 Bones Latham Friday 1:00p-1:50p York4050A Cheng Chou Friday 2:00p-2:50p U413A...
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  • Spring '09
  • NIEH
  • Week-day names, Muir Bio- EBE Library York, Traci Kitaoka Cheng Chou Jeff Takimoto Jeff Takimoto, Muir Bio- EBE, Muir Bio- EBE Library, Wendy Lee Teresa Kim Nick Toda Bones Latham Cheng Chou

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