lec1 - BIEB 166: Lecture 1 reading Latest update: 1/16/07,...

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BIEB 166: Lecture 1 reading Latest update: 1/16/07, 11:16 AM Page 1 BIEB 166: Animal Behavior and Communication LECTURE 1 READING: I. Course overview Part I: Ethology and mechanisms of behavior Introduction to Ethology Molecules to behavior Learning Part II: Orientation and navigation Orientation Honey bee dance language Part III. Signal origins, properties, and design Signal origins and evolution Sound Vision Olfaction II. Basic goals The basic aim of this course is not to make you memorize a great many facts about honeybees and other animals, but to teach you habits of mind, ways of asking and answering questions about the natural world. I would like you to leave with the following: (1) a good sense of how to design a controlled experiment to test a hypothesis, preferably of an animal behaving in its natural habitat, and (2) a full appreciation of how natural selection can shape the adaptations of animals to their natural habitats III. History of Ethology Classical ethology is defined as the study of animal behavior under natural conditions . The key is "under natural conditions" because animals were, in some cases, being studied under conditions that were quite different from their natural habitat. This was done in order to control for all possible variables, but it could also result in experiments that elicited artificial behavior or drew the wrong conclusions because the animals were not behaving according to the researchers' assumptions. Three scientists are most closely associated with the founding of modern ethology, for which they received a 1973 Nobel Prize, Niko Tinbergen (Netherlands), Konrad Lorenz
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lec1 - BIEB 166: Lecture 1 reading Latest update: 1/16/07,...

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