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lec 19 - Changes throughout breeding season time individual...

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Pressure differential effect Frog d df Frequency resolution Time resolution Cocktail party effect Humpback songs dialects matrilineal group (subpods, pods) Discrete calls two ears connected on the inside Gives directionality The ability to distinguish two sounds (without moving head?) Ability to distinguish individual pulses in rapidly modulated signal Ability to extract meaningful acoustic info in an extremely noisy environment
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Unformatted text preview: Changes throughout breeding season, time, individual Whales comprised of a female and all her descendants Distinctive vocalizations of whales Frog, bird Frog = only hear below 4 Hz Bird = below 12 Hz Emperor penguins Flamingo Recognize own chicks by vocalization Humpback whales Elaborate song every 5-30 min, can last 22 hr Killer whale Whistles, echolocation sound, scream, squawks...
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