Gas - Detect in CPC by growing particles to detectable...

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Gas: Sampling: denuders, scrubbers Quantification: Ion chromotogrphy, colorimetric method, electrochemical analysis, MS 1. Optical spectroscopy techniques 2. MS Particles: Sampling: filters, imapctors, electrostatic precipitations Physical properties - Mass: gravimetric method, piezoelectric microbalance, oscillating microbalance - Size: o Geometric: electron microscopy o Aerodynamic: aerodynamic particle sizer Size by aerodynamic properties Detect/count optically Acceleration in nozzle Larger particles reach lower speed o Mobility: scanning mobility particle sizer o Optical: OPC Detect scattered light Detect single particle Size information Lower limit ~ 200 nm o Differential mobility analyzers 3nm-600/700nm
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Balance btw sheath flow and electrical mobility Scan charge and one mobility size gets out at a time
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Unformatted text preview: Detect in CPC by growing particles to detectable sizes o Aerosol measurements: Condensation Particle counters (CPCs): Condenses isobutanol (or water) on particles to grow them to larger sizes Chemical composition: MS, IC, single particle analysis Aerosol sampling and analysis steps: 1. Aerosol sampling 2. Particle deposition 3. Extraction 4. Vaporization 5. Separation 6. Detection Methods in aerosol:-MS o Size: active, passive o Desorption: thermal desorption, laser desorption o Ionization: electron impact, chemical, laser ionization o Detection: TOF(highly sensitive, highest practical mass range), quadrupole (analyze 1 m/z at a time, detects OC nitrate, sulfate, and ammonium), Ion-trap...
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Gas - Detect in CPC by growing particles to detectable...

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