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Name:____________________ Chemistry 173 Midterm #1 Spring 2004 SHOW ALL WORK ON EXAM OR ZERO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION IS GIVEN To complete this exam on time, it is important you use good test taking skills. For most of these questions, as indicated by the length of the space, I am only asking for brief answers. If you know the answer, fill it in. If you don’t, move on to the next question. Go back to the questions for which you are less sure of the answers at the very end of the time period for the exam. 1. What is the most abundant free radical at night? Provide the major reaction process/es that form/s this species. (8 points) NO 3 · See lecture notes and book for rxn. processes 2. Draw the temporal profiles (concentration vs. time of day) for the key chemical constituents involved in photochemical pollution (from sources to products), and explain how photochemical pollution evolves throughout the day. Provide the chemistry for the conversion of the key components from one form to another. (14 points) Slide #11 (Lecture 7,8, and 9) on web site Don’t forget to include profile for NMHC! (you need RO 2 to fully explain measured amount of ozone!) 3. Write all reaction steps involved in the formation routes for ozone in the stratosphere. Circle the reaction step which leads to a change in temperature in the stratosphere? Does it lead to an increase or decrease the temperature of the stratosphere? (12 points) O 2 + h ν 2O ( 3 P) O ( 3 P) + O 2 + M O 3 + M (M = air) Increase-- H = negative
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4. Briefly list and compare and contrast the conditions leading to the formation of London and
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Midterm1_chem173_spring2004_key - Name:_ Chemistry 173...

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