Diseased cells map nucleosome positions in the genome

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Unformatted text preview: ells ? Map nucleosome positions in the genome Map histone modifications Correlate these to gene expression (chip data) 1822 The FINAL Thursday June 11 Warren 2001 8.45 am (2 hr exam) (no excuses for being late) (give yourself extra time because of US Open) 40% Lectures 14-18 60% Lectures 1-13 (topics previously covered in midterms may show up again) 1823 Some important topics Genomes genes, pseudogenes, “junk” Prokaryotic Regulation lac operon, trp operon Phage lambda Techniques to study human gene regulation transfection, ChIP, DNase1 etc Mechanisms by which transcription is regulated Important Human Transcription Factors Stat, p53, NFκB Understanding Gene Regulation: How is Specificity generated? Combinatorial code IFNβ, Drosophila Temporal Code NFκB High throughput technologies 1824 chip and ChIP-chip...
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